The Franc Lloyd Company
Custom Staff Apparel

Don’t just fit yourself in a uniform, rather make one that fits you!

The Franc Lloyd Company provides fashion-forward, functional and easy-maintenance uniforms and corporate attire that makes professionals feel confident, inspired and motivated. We are a creative, client-focused company that helps business develop strategic identity solutions. Through our custom products your employees will establish a striking and lasting image for your organization. We specialize in quality uniforms, corporate apparel and promotional products.

Concept and




Ongoing Client


Concept and Research

We establish with each client the purpose and role of each garment and the stresses and strains each type of uniform will undergo. Operational requirements as well as climate and laundry conditions are considered including range of movement as well as any special accessories and details. We have hundreds of fabrics to choose from and many different colors and patterns. After an initial consultation, a concept is established for each uniform.


We create exclusive uniform designs initially on paper, offering a selection of styles for each uniform category, as well as fabric and color options for each style. We offer our advice on adding “finishing touches” to the look in terms of choosing buttons, ribbons, piping and monogram embroidery for your particular uniform.

Garment Production

We then proceed to make a sample garment prototypes. This includes the development of the style chosen in the color and fabric selected. The client is able to see how the uniform will actually look in their surrounding, with Franc Lloyd making adjustments, or further enhancements before samples are signed off for final and complete production.
Our garment construction expertise includes pattern cutting, incorporating the right fit for the approved design, and pattern grading adapted to specific sizing standards. We also work with partners to design, create and dye new fabrics.

Our uniforms are manufactured to the highest standards by our own in-house team of expert master tailors. Our vertically integrated business model allows for a faster, economical and quality-focused product for our clients.

Quality Control

Our garments are hand checked before being packed into individual uniform packs. Any manufacturing or design mistakes on our part will be replaced free of cost.

Ongoing Client Servicing

Our client relationship don’t end when the uniforms are delivered. You can be sure that our local agent will be readily available for any ongoing concerns. You can always email or call and talk to a real person in our organization.

Customization Services

Personalizing your garments is an important part of developing your company’s visual identity. Whether your business or organization is already well known or you are working hard to promote it, adding your company name or logo will help increase public awareness and add a measure of professionalism to your image.

All of our garments can be personalized with your company logo, name, or names of staff using our diverse range of services.

Don’t just fit yourself in a uniform,
rather make one that fits you!