• The Fabrics
  • The Cut
  • The Service

The Fabrics

The foundation of our brand is our ability to source the best fabrics from all corners of the world. Wool from the hills of Huddersfield, red selvedge denim from Osaka to vegetable-dyed, hand-spun cotton from Deccan Plateau, if they make it – and make it really good – we go and get it.

The Cut

Our tailoring is no longer a corporate suit. Today it is street style. Always looking for ways to innovate sartorially has led us to develop our own unique take on classic tailoring. Mixing two different shirt collar designs, we introduced our brand’s signature “cutaway club” collared shirt and applied the idea of “Surgeon’s Cuff” to make adjustable jacket slits and working hem. Franc Lloyd is artisanal tailoring meet custom street style.

The Service

Because we stay decidedly small, our ability to go above and beyond for client’s need remains undiminished. Not only looking to curate long-term personal relationships with our clients, we remain committed to developing our small team of workers. Knowledge, integrity and can-do attitude is Franc Lloyd’s promise.

The Brands We Work With